Anthony Dewstow

PHP Programmer

9718 Rathbone Dr.
Houston Tx 77031
(713) 305-6008


Melaroo, Houston — PHP Programmer
Jan 2014 - Curent
  • PHP Websites - Created custom websites for unique needs Created user management systems Created client management systems
  • Managed PPC campaigns - Researched keywords for campaigns Researched best time of year for relative keywords Performed competitor comparison Monitored and adjusted live campaigns
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - Dertermined best keywords for pages Created PHP code to pull most relative words from content automatically. Insured even dynamic user provided content was automatically search engine friendly via custom PHP code.
  • PHP Web Applications - Created custom applications for process management.
  • Custom Process Management - Produced custom process management websites powered by PHP and MySQL
TheSwitch, Houston — Programmer
Jun 2012 - Dec 2013
  • Alaska Software xbase++ - Brought new life to legacy application by improving efficiency of HTML, adding CSS, adding JavaScript, adding jQuery, and adding google Visualizations.
  • PHP sql server - Wrote data translation tools to convert legacy flat tables into modern SQL server database using, key / foreign key pairs, one to many relationships, many to many relationships and duplication reducing logic.
  • SQL server views - Created and edited Views for SQL server to make queries faster and more efficient.
  • SQL Server Stored Procedures - Created and edited SQL server stored procedures.
  • Quality assurance - Performed Quality assurance checks. Found and documented bugs. Verified bugs had been resolved. Used Team Foundation server to track bugs.
  • Financial Reporting - Produced several financial reports. Nightly end of business day financial statements On demand Start of month to Now On demand Today's details
  • Data Translation - Mapped and translated data from legacy database system to current technologies
Epic Software, The Woodlands — Lead Software Developer
Apr 2008 - Nov 2010
  • Linux Server maintenance - Installing updates, daily and monthly backups.
  • Custom Website Coding - Ground up custom programming in PHP, MYSQL, HTML, JavaScript, CMS and Expression Engine.
  • Custom flash programming - Created custom Flash applications to meet individual customer needs.
  • Help Desk Support - Provided daily help desk support for entire local office.
  • Resolving DNS problems - Worked with clients to resolve problems relating to DNS, mail and web server address.
  • Photography Research and development - Performed many tests in research and development of 360 photography techniques. Designed and built custom camera mounts for unique situations.
  • Designed and built custom computers - Designed high end custom computer setups from the ground up costing $2,000-$4,000. Designed budget custom computer setups from the ground up costing $400-$800. Physically built, tested and installed required software on them.
  • CMS Websites - Produced content management websites that allow the client to make content changes without any outside involvement.
  • Created Custom Reports - Wrote custom code to dynamically generate reports for customer needs
  • Created Custom CMS Plugins - Designed and coded custom plugins for the CMS software Expression Engine
  • Maintained Backups - Setup application to perform daily website backups. Installed scripts on server to make monthly server backups very easy. Maintained backups of all current projects on an off site storage service. Made and organized backups to DVDs and other local media.
  • Used E-Mail as a primary communication device - Used e-mail as the primary way to communicate with customers. Always made sure to answer questions fully. Replied to customers in a timely manner.
  • PHP - Produced Custom PHP applications


University Of Houston Downtown, Houston — BS Interdisciplinary Studies
Graduated 2012
Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. With a minor in psychology.


PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Office Word, HTML, Microsoft Office Excel, jQuery, Expression Engine, Google Visualizations API, KRpano, PTGui, Google Maps API, Arduino, AWS S3 API, Dropbox API


Eagle Scout


English, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery


Solar CRMCRM for Solar Company
CRM system built to handle custom solar quoting process for client. Takes dozens of input variables and possibilities. Connects to existing government APIs to get solar statistics. Generates PDFs that are fully formed quotes.

KW Solar WizSolar Lead Capture
Solar lead capture software and quote estimator website.
Heavy use of google maps to let user find their home, draw out their potential solar install location and get an honest ballpark quote.
Tool is very user friendly. The website dose all the work besides drawing the roof.
All the relative data such as average sunlight hours a location receives is done on the back end.

Animal BaseCRM for Animal Hospital
Custom from scratch PHP website application built to handle scheduling dozens of users across multiple roles at different locations.
Role based access
IP based access limitations
Time clock user clock in and clock out.
Admins can easily create or edit Users, Departments and Locations.
Payroll management functionality

ELY Frac schedulerEmployee Scheduler Application
Custom from scratch PHP website application built to handle scheduling 100s of users across dozens of locations.

Apartment Jockey.comApartment Finder
Custom from scratch PHP website application built for an Apartment Locating service.
Custom system for tracking claims process.
Custom system for managing 1,500+ properties.